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TTC Store Points

We developed a new Point system, which has been added as a new feature to the store. 

Q: What is TTC Store Points?
A: TTC Store Points is a kind of store credit.

Q: How to earn points in the store?
A: All of our registered customers are eligible to earn points on COMPLETED orders, reviews, commission conversion, daily sign-in, etc.
     1. Completed orders: you can get the points rewards from every COMPLETED order, check the details here.
     2. Review to get points: Great news! You can earn TTC Store Points by reviewing products on the site. , check the details here.
     3. Daily Sign-in: once you sign in to our store, you can find the " CHECK IN TO GET POINT" button on your page. click the button and you will get random points. 
     4. Like products: You can get 3 points once you add an item to your favourite. The limitation is 30 points per day. 
     5. Make Money: You can convert the commissions you've got to points now. Sign in and find the details in the Make Money menu on your page. 

Q: What is the value of TTC Store Points?
A: 1 point equals USD0.01. 

Q: How to use TTC Store Points?
A: You can apply points on every order but please make sure your amount is more than USD1, otherwise PayPal cannot process your payment and your order will not be accepted by the system. 

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