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Pre-Order policy


1) Please kindly note that if you need to change the shipping address for your Pre-order or orders, you must contact me via [email protected]
If you PM me on Facebook, you must have my confirmation for that. 

Otherwise, I will use the acquiescent PayPal address or we agreed address to ship your package. If your package was lost or returned to me, I have to ask you for the relevant fees.

2) If you want to cancel the deposit order, contact me via s[email protected]. If you PM me on Facebook, you must have my confirmation for that. 

3) Full payment customers will have precedence of processing order if I get limited quantity of the stuff.
Q: What is a Pre-Order?
A: Pre-orders allow you to place advance orders for items that have not yet been released. When you place the pre-order, I then order the item in advance from my suppliers.
The pictures and item description for the Pre-Order are for explanation purpose, the color and shapes for the final product may vary.
Release dates are set by the manufacturers and are subject to change. I am not liable for any changes to a pre-release date as advertised, but I will keep you informed of any potential changes.
Q: How do I get charged for a Pre-order?
A: I will offer two options for Pre-orders. Deposit payment option and Full payment option, the funds will be charged immediately based on the payment option you choose.
·         Deposit payment: By paying a small amount of deposit, you can secure the product for certain period, the payment of a deposit is taken as a part of the full price.
·         Full payment: If the price is reduced when the items officially released, the difference will be refunded to you, while if the price is increased at that time, you don't need to add any payment. As a result, the price is reduced instead of increased if you choose full payment for the pre-orders.
·          When Supplier reduces the product’s supply, Full Payment will be sent out priority. 
Q: What happens if the price of my pre-order item changes?
A: 1)For full payment method
If an item you have already pre-ordered is dropped when it is released, and you have already been charged for the Full payment, I will refund you the price difference via your original payment method.
If the price of your pre-ordered item increases, you don't need to pay for the price difference. Which means the final price you pay is less or equal to the actual release price, and this be.nefit is only for Full payment Pre-orders.
   2)For deposit payment method
The total price you need to pay is the same with the actual official released price. You should pay the balance as per the price when the items officially released. A balance payment notification will be sent to your account email address when the product is due in stock, you can click the "Balance" button to make the balance payment.
Of course, you can also cancel the deposit Pre-order if you are not satisfied with the actual total price. The pre-order service contract will be canceled if the balance is not been paid off after 14 calendar days of receipt of balance payment request notification and the product is in stock.
Q: How do I cancel a Pre-order?
A: PayPal reversal will be provided with a request by email. Any money received from you will be refunded via your original payment method. If you decide to cancel your order, please email me via [email protected]
Q: What if the Manufacturer decides to stop produce the pre-order item?
A: All pre-order Figures will ship out as soon as the item released. During the pre-order period, I am not liable for any changes to a pre-release date advertised by me or non-control situation, like the Manufacturer decides to stop produce the pre-order item, If that happens, it is really sorry. I will inform you and refund immediately.
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