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Daily Report

***April 28th***

>>>Transart Beast Wars BWM-06 TransMetal Tyrannosaurus Megatron
>>>Fanstoys FT-44TUS Thomas Astrotrain US Toy Version.
***April 22nd***

>>>Star Toys G/A ST-01 Commander | Blitzwing
>>>Magic Square Toys B51 Heavy gunner Lord of War | Brawl Bruticus Combaticons G1 Ver.
>>>Robot Paradise RP-01 Acoustic Wave Soundwave aka FT-02 MP
>>>APC Toys Red Gladiator TFP Cliffjumper

>>>Transform and Rollout TR-02 Optimus Prime Galaxy Convoy
>>>Magic Square Toys MS-02EX Light of Piece 2023 Reissue | Optimus Prime
>>>Magic Square Toys B46E Light of victory | Optimus Prime
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