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Daily Report

***Nov 29th Updates***
New Arrivals

1.Dream Star Toys DST01-003 Silverbolt Superion

2.Dream Star Toys DST01-004 Top Raid Superion | Air Raid

3.Magic Square toys B35 Blues | Jazz

4.NewAge NA H57V Freyr Dinobots | Swoop G2 Ver.

New Pre-orders

1.Lewin Resources LW-01 Atlas Chrome Ver. | Optimus Prime

2.Heatboys x SNAP Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Leonardo

3.Mechfanstoys Dinobots Swoop(Blue), Snarl, Sludge, Slag & Grimlock Toon Ver. Set of 5 2024 New Year Ver.

***Nov 28th Promotions***
1.Deformation Space DS-02 Recording Alliance Blaster
2.Deformation Space DS-01R Thundercracker
3.Deformation Space DS-01S Skywarp

***Nov 27th New Arrival***

1.MetaGate G05 Red Fantasy | Shatter
2.Bingo Toys BT-04 Spider Girl Blackarachnid
3.Aoyi Mech LS-12 OS MPM8 Devouring The Heart Devil | Megatron
4.NewAge Toys TF Scene Series Set D The Ark Diorama
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