1. Can not ship to Australia and New Zealand Since Mar 28th.
2. Any inquiry, click messenger at the right corner of the site or contact me via email sales@terrytfsclubs.com
3. If you bought from me and need aftersales service, send me an email service@terrytfsclubs.com
4. Airlines cancelled a lot of flights, shipping may take longer than before!
5. Free shipping to US / CA / EU / AU / NZ / Southeast Asia.

VIP System

Here is the VIP member system of TerryTFSclub.com:

Purchased value:

Blue Member, USD1,000~USD2,999.99, 1% discount for all the items. 

Silver Member, USD3,000~USD4,999.99, 2% discount for all the items. 

Gold Member, USD5,000~USD9,999.99, 3% discount for all the items. 

Premium Member, USD10,000+, 5% discount for all the items, Priority for rare figures. 

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